Committed to Zero Waste

Food Waste is a substantial contributor to environmental damage and one that could be fairly easily eliminated.

Bridge Baker’s founder, Gauri, grew up in India where food was expensive and they never wasted a morsel.

Leftovers were creatively recycled. No one threw food away, not least because they were acutely aware that many people went hungry every day.

These commitments run deep at Bridge Baker. So, we never throw anything away. We would hope you did the same.

If you have the self-restraint not to eat all our bread whilst it is fresh, here are a few ideas to use up the leftovers.


4 ways to use stale bread:

      • Turn it into breadcrumbs and freeze
      • It makes great toast
      • Croutons! – Make soup ‘souper’!
      • Crostini – Slice thinly, drizzle with Olive Oil and bake.

If you want some more just ask one of our lovely staff next time you pop in.